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Rosie the Riveter

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Rosie the Riveter was the Iconic WWII Woman who represents all the thousands of women in 1943 who answered the call to work in the factories, shipyards and uniform mills. These dedicated women paved the way for working women today. Rosie the Riveter rain or shine...she's working the assembly line.


Rosie the Riveter, by Amber Crowley@2021
In 1943 it was World War II,
I answered the call of the red, white and blue
Our men were drafted, there were jobs to fill
in the factories, shipyards and the uniform mills. Now I’m working in a factory
Making history,I’m working for Victory.
They call me Rosie, Everybody knows me,
Rosie the riveter rain or shine, (right on time)
I’m working the assembly line
Recruited “We Can Do It” standing Proud and Strong For that man- sized job I was up at dawn
Trading dainty skirts with lace and frills
for a polka dot bandana and a metal drill
With callused hands we earned our pay
Building Ships, munitions and Fighter planes
My boyfriend Charlies gone to fight the war
I wait anticipating love letters and cards
but I’m not the frail Gal that he used to know, staying home domesticated to bake and sew
This Rosie’s no longer just a gentle flower
I flex my muscles, now empowered.
They call me Rosie, Everybody knows me,
Rosie the riveter right on time
I’m working the assembly line.