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Power Of Touch 7-28-21

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The Power of Touch is dedicated to Nurses everywhere.


Power of Touch, by Amber Crowley
An old man lies in an ER bed, too weak to even raise his head Thoughts of dying fill his mind, afraid what Doctor's tests will find A Nurse walks in and takes his hand,
Comfort comes where fear had been,
Medicine cannot replace, the strength of just one warm embrace. It’s The power of touch, you know it means so much
Take the time to show you care, so they will be aware,
Of the power of touch.
A Tiny Baby premature, too small for pain that he endures Monitors and IV lines, machines are taking vital signs Then Mother holds him skin to skin
That's when healing can begin
One Thousand words cannot express
What He feels in One Caress.
It’ s the Power of Touch, you know it means so much, Take your loved one by the hand, so they will understand Of the Power of Touch, It’s the Power of Touch.