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Be The Light 8-18-21

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Be the Light is dedicated to all those who are the Light for the People around them.


Be the Light, by Amber Crowley@2021
Darkness all around me; loneliness has found me
deep within my dreams
on a stormy sea I’m tossed; vision soon is lost in the fog surrounding me Then suddenly I can see; a welcome lighthouse beam;
A ray of hope that guides me home
when I am lost at sea.
Be the light, be the light
be the Beacon of Hope that makes this whole world bright light the lantern of love and holds its flame up high
be the light be the light.
Light the Torch of Hope and hold its Flame up high
Be the Light, Be the Light.
Little candlelight- timidly hides - under bussels of doubt and fear
I could not let them know -or let a flicker show -if someone else was near Now my candlelight shines free for the waiting world to see
A tiny flame can glow and grow with positive energy.
There’s no time to hate, there’s no time to hesitate be the positive change you wish the world to see.
Take the talent that you share, and show the world you care The love you give will be your legacy.